About First Look

The First Look Student Program has a prominent role as part of the internationally acclaimed Starz Denver Film Festival (SDFF). First Look programs the best films from undergrad and graduate film schools from around the world. Over the ten days of SDFF First Look programs a series of five shorts packages that screen twice during the course of the festival.

Entering its 14th year, the First Look Student Program focuses on finding the next generation of great filmmakers and presenting their work to a larger audience through its program with SDFF.

With screenings held at the modern Sie FilmCenter, in Denver, Colorado, First Look programs a full slate of student shorts, over multiple nights. With the potential of each screening being seen by an audience consisting of over 45,000 attendees. We provide a place where up-and-coming filmmakers can present quality films in a professional setting and be taken seriously as filmmakers and artists.

The festival was started (and is still run!) by two former college students who attended film school at the University of Colorado. In 14 years, “First Look” has grown from a one night, local, student film festival into an integral addition to the much larger Starz Denver Film Festival, which will be entering its 36th year, and is attended by more than 45,000 people. By emphasizing quality storytelling and entertainment value in our selections, over big names and big budgets, we have gained a reputation as a great experience for filmmakers and festival goers alike.

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